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History of the origin of Wiener Nimmerland

Buch mit der Entstehungsgeschichte von Wiener Nimmerland
Schriftrolle mit der Geschichte von Wiener Nimmerland
Schriftrolle mit der Geschichte von Wiener Nimmerland

The team
from Wiener Nimmerland

The small Wiener Nimmerland team currently consists of two people, Martin and his girlfriend Nadine.

Inhaber von Wiener Nimmerland und ehemaliger Tour-Guide bei den Supertramps

Martin has discovered his true calling as a tour guide. He delights with his candid storytelling and his ability to bring compelling stories to life. Through his own personal story as a former victim, he gives the tours a unique, authentic touch. His passion for this work is reflected in every word and encounter during the tour.

Nadine is the organizational and bureaucratic force behind Wiener Nimmerland. In addition to her electrical engineering studies, she takes care of the back office and works in the background to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the tours are optimally planned. With her conscientious work ethic and her eye for detail, she is an indispensable support for our small team.

Why the name "Wiener Nimmerland"?!

Logo von WIener Nimmerland
  1. Does it symbolize the invisible Neverland around us - a parallel world that is often overlooked, although it should actually be visible to all. Homeless people are often ignored and overlooked by society, even though they live among us.
  2. Does the name Martin remind you of his own past? Because he appreciated exactly this secrecy when he ended up on the streets as a teenager who steadfastly refused to grow up. For him, Vienna was a big neverland and offered him the opportunity to disappear for a while and experience his own adventure. Since he had nothing and nobody to take care of him, he had nothing to lose either - that gave him a certain freedom. He felt like he was at the beginning of a journey - ready to discover and conquer this never-ending land.

Martin is is not a trained tourist guide! We offer no conventional tours in which he tells something about the culture and history of Vienna! He shows you no sights and couldn't tell anything about them either!