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General booking information


Up to 24 hours before the tour start time, booking can be easy canceled free of charge will. In the last 24 hours, the cancellation fee is 100% of the booking cost.

About the booking confirmation  Anyone can cancel the tour independently by email. It can also by email or by phone be canceled, the main thing is in writing.

By request can also enter when canceling coupon be requested for the total amount of the booking. This is valid for 2 years from the date of issue and can be used at a later date to book a tour on any date.

Change of date and/or number of participants

Up to 6 hours before the tour start time, booking can be easy rebooked free of charge become. It is not possible to change the booking within the last 6 hours. In exceptional cases, however, you can still contact us.

About the booking confirmation by e-mail everyone can independently on-line The Tour reschedule to another date and/or the Change number of participants. Of course it can also be done by Phone call or e-mail be rebooked.

Bookings of school classes or other groups with more than 10 people

It pay Finally only the pupils / students / participants them too actually participate.

Therefore, the invoice is usually only created after the tour. Thus, the number of participants can be easily adjusted up to the tour. If desired, the invoice can of course be prepared before the tour.

The total amount can then transferred after the tour or directly on site in paid in cash become. Our preferred choice here would be bank transfer.

Prices for participation in a tour:

individual prices


University student



9 €

9 €

14 €

9 €

group prices
(from 10 people)



7 €

12 €

Booking for culture pass holders

Wiener Nimmerland stands in the culture pass. This means that Kulturpass holders can join the tour for free.

For this you can simply contact us Write to or call up!

Martin is is not a trained tourist guide! We offer no conventional tours in which he tells something about the culture and history of Vienna! He shows you no sights and couldn't tell anything about them either!