Terms and Conditions
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Offer for schools / universities and youth groups

Our general age recommendation is from 13 years


  • social-political education
  • Topic: Homelessness & drug addiction
  • Stations offer visual opportunities for understanding
  • perfect for ethics
    and other socially oriented subjects

Addiction prevention lecture

  • Topic: Drug addiction & consequences
  • deterrence & confrontation
  • Understand impacts


The tour provides real-life information and socio-political education in an alternative way. It not only offers informative insights into the challenges and realities of marginalized groups, but also the opportunity to better understand the dynamics of drug addiction.

We have found Martin's life story to be an excellent educational and chilling example for high school students, college students, and young adults. We have therefore decided to focus more on this target group.

Martin always inspires students with his honest and open way of speaking. He avoids any euphemism and reports from his own experiences with homelessness and drug use. This authenticity reinforces the impact of his stories and the chilling effect.

Both teachers and students are always excited about the opportunity to learn directly from someone affected and their personal experiences! Maybe the next experience report will already come from you…

Reports from schools

  • 8€ / student (from 10 students)
    10€ / student
  • 10€ / student (from 10 students)
    12€ / student

from 10 pupils/students:
teachers included

Uncomplicated booking
  • *adjustment of the number of participants up to the day of the tour
  • **flexible payment options
  • Cash – on the day of the tour
  • Transfer – after the tour
  • online payment – before the tour
  • tours with large groups possible

  • enlightenment
  • confrontation
  • debunk stereotypes
  • reduce fear of contact
  • create understanding and tolerance

* The invoice will be created after the tour so that the number of participants can be changed easily up to the starting point. Ultimately, only the students who participate pay.

**Preferred payment option: bank transfer

Drug specific talk
for addiction prevention

Due to the great demand from teachers, we have decided to expand our offer with a special lecture on addiction prevention. For this, Martin comes personally to the school (if logistically possible, if not, alternatively to another suitable location).

During this lecture, the focus is on the topic of drug use and the associated consequences. Martin shares his personal stories and experiences to vividly illustrate just how easy it is to become addicted. He tells how the addiction had a lasting effect on the social environment and about the many friends he had lost to drugs over the years. In addition, Martin takes a critical look at the questionable Austrian withdrawal system and shows that it often only represents a "from bad to worse" solution.

The lecture offers a unique opportunity to sensitize students to the risks of drug use and to make them think. With his haunting narratives and reflections, Martin will leave a lasting impression on students*left inside.

directly on the spot at the respective school

duration: ~ 1.5 hours or 2 units
The duration depends very much on
how many questions are asked by the students.

  • 120€ flat rate for one class
    (up to approx. 25 students)
  • + 60€ per additional class
  • + Travel costs
    (only for schools outside Vienna)

  • confrontation with consequences
  • battle with withdrawal and overdose
  • drugs & addiction determine whole life
  • deterrent example