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  • Avatar Doris S. ★★★★★ Mar 2024
    It was really a very interesting tour. My kids, aged 19 and 21, were fascinated and could have listened to Martin for hours! It was a rollercoaster of emotions. Keep it up - congratulations to you both and all the best for yours … Continue reading Future LG Doris
  • Avatar Sandra R. ★★★★★ Mar 2024
    A brutally honest journey through Martin's past. It creates sensitivity and appreciation for other people and stimulates a lot of thought. And all of this in a very moving and at the same time humorous way. Really recommended! … Continue reading
  • Avatar Natasha B. ★★★★★ Mar 2024
    Martin shares his moving life story and how he and his girlfriend found a new way to deal with addiction. The emotions range from sadness to humorous moments. This experience is recommended.
  • Avatar Anouk F. ★★★★★ Mar 2024
    The tour was really great, something very special! Martin showed us his piece of Vienna, very personal and unique. It was exciting, funny and exciting and I can really recommend this little journey through time through the backyards to everyone … Continue reading of the city. Thank you Martin for your openness, your enthusiasm and your commitment, it was a huge pleasure! ☺️😎🐾
  • Avatar Kathrin W. ★★★★★ Mar 2024
    Very cool tour!
    Tour guide Martin took us to many places and places that are connected to his past. There he told us about how he came to be homeless and addicted and what his everyday life was like.
    … Continue reading The tour and especially his personal stories, peppered with an incredible amount of wit and humor, were very thought-provoking. Among other things, we learned that you should also appreciate people who are not doing so well at the moment for various reasons.
    A guided tour through Vienna that you won't soon forget.
    Definitely highly recommended!
    An enthusiastic school class
  • Avatar Wolfgang P. ★★★★★ Feb 2024
    Everyone was completely thrilled. Martin is very authentic and warm. You live with your stories and then see the world through different eyes. Thank you!!
  • Avatar Poelt D. ★★★★★ Feb 2024
    Martin talks about his life in a completely unvarnished, honest and authentic way and has given me insights that were previously closed to me. Since he also spices up his friendly leadership with a lot of humor, the topic can be handled despite its severity. … Continue reading take well. I see things differently now and would do the tour again at any time. It is absolutely recommended - not just for young people, parents and teachers.
  • Avatar Me I. ★★★★★ Jan 2024
    Changing your perspective on certain things.
    As mentioned in the title, this tour adjusts the view of problems.
    Martin talks about his life and career in such a stirring and genuine way.
    A must for everyone who wants a different view beyond the usual images of Vienna
    … Continue reading want to receive.
    Thank you Martin for allowing us to spend the short but enriching time with you.
    All the best to you and your girlfriend on your journey.
  • Avatar Gesine O. ★★★★★ Jan 2024
    I heartily recommend Martin's city tour: Thank you for your intensive insight into the possible experiences of people without shelter and people with addictions in Vienna. You impressed me very much with your openness, … Continue reading Your storytelling, your personality, your humor and your message at the end!
    We were a small group of 5 people (an adult daughter with her parents and I along with a friend who was visiting from Germany) and a small community developed between the 6 of us for the duration of the city tour. Thanks!
  • Avatar p. ★★★★★ Dec 2023
    Recommended to anyone who wants to think outside the box! It was very interesting for me because you suddenly see a fate behind the people who are begging you for money on the street: a mixture of 'stupidly done' … Continue reading and 'it's your own fault', which you wouldn't wish on anyone and yet can happen to anyone.
  • Avatar Ingrid W. ★★★★★ Dec 2023
    On his tour from Karlsplatz to Esterhazypark, Martin gave us a thorough insight into the stages of his life as an alcohol, heroin and substitol addict and homeless person. A lot to think about dignity, respect and gratitude afterwards … Continue reading Strolling through the Vienna Christmas markets... A must for adults and young people💯
  • Avatar Peter U. ★★★★★ Oct 2023
    Very interesting and insightful insight into the world of the homeless and addicts. Martin is very open and honest. I didn't know a lot of things. Great idea! All the best !
  • Avatar Andrea A. ★★★★★ Sep 2023
    I was very impressed with the tour and hope that Martin will be really proud of himself one day. I think he can be now! The two hours that the tour lasted were very entertaining and touching. All the best! … Continue reading
  • Avatar A. ★★★★★ Sep 2023
    An entertaining tour that makes you think and is still light and entertaining. Martin is such a likeable, authentic and open guy and the time flew by! Thank you for the interesting insights! Highly recommended! … Continue reading 👍
  • Avatar Livia S. ★★★★★ Sep 2023
    It was a very moving and stirring tour that definitely made you think. Martin is a very likeable person who talks about his own life in a captivating way. It's absolutely worth taking the time and … Continue reading to hear part of his history.
    Thank you very much!
  • Avatar Silvia Z. ★★★★★ Aug 2023
    The 2 hours through Vienna with Martin were extremely interesting but also depressing. His lively narrative made it possible to imagine his earlier life. It's admirable how he mastered everything. I would do the tour again in a heartbeat … Continue reading would also recommend it to school classes.
  • Avatar Ralph H. ★★★★★ Aug 2023
    A city tour that is second to none!
    Very spontaneously we called Martin on Sunday morning and asked if he would do a tour for us today; He immediately and easily agreed. Told over the next two hours
    … Continue reading He gave us his personal story and a lot of information about the city of Vienna and its institutions regarding homelessness and drug addiction. He proved that his tour is highly emotionally moving and incomparably captivating, not just for young people.
    We thank Martin for this unforgettable city tour and wish him all the best for the future!
  • Avatar p. ★★★★★ Jun 2023
    It was an extremely exciting and informative lecture! He told everything in such a way that it never got boring and I would have listened to him talk about his life for hours. He is an absolutely likeable person for whom no question is too stupid. He makes a very … Continue reading good and important work, thank you for that! All the best for the future!
  • Avatar Carmen F. ★★★★★ Jun 2023
    Martin is such a nice guy! He welcomed us very nicely and uncomplicatedly at Karlsplatz and guided us through all his stations very well. He told us a lot and we were able to ask him anything. There was really no question too stupid for him … Continue reading we got a good insight into his early life. Really a great, interesting person with whom 2 hours pass like a few minutes. Will definitely come back with other classes!
  • Avatar Christina K. ★★★★★ Jun 2023
    Very informative and engaging tour! We learned a lot of new things and were very touched. Martin manages to portray the harsh reality impressively without going into too much "gruesome" detail. My students (15/16 … Continue reading years) really liked the city tour and it made an impression on them.

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  • Avatar Michaela B. ★★★★★ Jun 2023
    Martin from Wiener Nimmerland told us very impressively about his former life as a drug addict and homeless person in Vienna and showed us the public places where he spent some years of his life. We have at his … Continue reading Guided tour with a school class (all around 18 years old). Comment from a student: "That was the most impressive and interesting end of the course of my school days." As teachers, we can only agree. Thank you, dear Martin, for giving us such an intimate insight into your past life and all the best for your future!
  • Avatar Irmi M. ★★★★★ Jun 2023
    I am impressed by Martin: his openness, emotionality, authenticity, reality and his personal experiences touched me very much. Thanks!
  • Avatar Thanks to. ★★★★★ Jun 2023
    Martin tells his story very captivatingly and authentically. It was the absolute highlight for everyone and made people think. Thank you and see you next year!
  • Avatar Konsti D. ★★★★★ Jun 2023
    Simply fascinating, his way of telling stories is really captivating! It was fascinating and you get to know places that you don't know yet! It really makes you think! Again and again
  • Avatar R. ★★★★★ Jun 2023
    It was really very exciting, you felt comfortable and could ask anything, so you learned a lot of new things about the topic.
  • Avatar Munich R. ★★★★★ Jun 2023
    Martin offers incredibly authentic city tours of a different kind. As a former drug addict, he provides youth and adult groups with Vienna away from the supposedly splendid tourist sites otherwise seen. Its quiet, pleasant … Continue reading The way you tell the story allows you to effortlessly listen to the city tour linked to your personal strokes of fate for hours. Great recommendation! The booking and organization in the background also works brilliantly. A truly original Viennese model startup with unreserved recommendation from me.
  • Avatar Claudia U. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Went to the Wiener Nimmerland tour today and we were all excited! Martin is super likeable and the tour through his past was totally thrilling! Thank you for sharing your story!
  • Avatar Twins F. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Had a guided tour with my school class today, it was really great. Martin is a super nice person and has a lot of interesting things to tell, so I can only recommend it!!
  • Avatar Marlies M. ★★★★★ May 2023
    very likeable guy, super warm as Martin tells his story openly and authentically. cool socks, heartily to be recommended.LG from Burgenland 🙂
  • Avatar Christian H. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Martin does it terrific, I can, will and have only recommend the tour.
  • Avatar Elizabeth B. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Dear Martin, the birthday campaign for my brother was a complete success thanks to your interesting and entertaining leadership with many difficult, but not too difficult topics thanks to you. Our children were very impressed with you and they were … Continue reading The whole 2 hours were fully involved. In addition to your topics, we adults were able to get to know a part of Vienna that was unknown to us through your former sleeping place. Thank you for your commitment. You and Nadine can be really proud of what you have achieved! All the best and much successElisabeth, Doris, Andreas, Andrea and our children Sarah-Marie, Sarah and Valerie
  • Avatar R H. ★★★★★ May 2023
    A highly recommended tour that opens your eyes, heart and mind to things you haven't known/recognized/experienced before. Thank you!
  • Avatar KJ. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Also with young people absolutely recommendable! Martin is a great, open guide who has so much to tell and not only touches people with his life story, but also breaks down prejudices. The two hours flew by … Continue reading and the communication in advance was also absolutely uncomplicated. A really great project that will hopefully be around for a long time - we certainly got a lot out of it! Thanks!
  • Avatar Felix A. ★★★★★ May 2023
    I visited him with my school class from Krems and he explained everything to us incredibly well and told us his story. He answered all our questions and was really friendly. Thanks Martin
  • Avatar P. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Very interesting tour.
  • Avatar b. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Martin made the tour entertaining with his open, honest and appreciative manner and gave interesting insights into his former everyday life. His stories make you think. I found the tour very enriching and … Continue reading would be happy to recommend them. Dear Martin, thank you for the great tour!
  • Avatar Claudia C. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Going on this tour with Martin is really an experience! You will never forget these impressions!!!!
  • Avatar Laura G. ★★★★★ May 2023
    It was very interesting and didn't get boring
  • Avatar Kim H. ★★★★★ May 2023
    very very dear man and exciting tour!
  • Avatar Claudia B. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Martin gives an incredibly authentic insight into a world that one can hardly imagine as an outsider. The tour is unique, unique and worth every second. Martin is a super likeable, funny and very reflective person, … Continue reading who effortlessly manages to immediately captivate you with his descriptions! Absolute recommendation for the tour!!

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  • Avatar Verena S. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Thank you for the many honest and moving insights into Martin's life! Martin tells his story in a way that reaches and touches everyone and encourages them to question their own prejudices. We'd love to come back … Continue reading with school classes!
  • Avatar Lilli B. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Martin showed us his Vienna and a perspective that many hardly notice. With impressive frankness, he tells his story as one of many that usually disappears behind statistics. The tour is always exciting, … Continue reading interesting, touching and, thanks to the charming guide, really funny. Absolute recommendation for everyone who likes to look behind the scenes!
  • Avatar Samuel Z. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Was a great tour of Vienna from the perspective of a former homeless person. Can only recommend this tour, not only for classes, but also for private individuals. Our guide was very friendly and cooperative! Was worth every cent! … Continue reading I found it shocking how the police deal with homelessness. I really learned something and I definitely liked it a lot.
  • Avatar A. ★★★★★ May 2023
    Was worth it. Martin was fantastic
  • Avatar Alisa S. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Very impressive and interesting tour. You get to know Vienna from a different side and at the same time get deep insights into the lives of the homeless and addicts. This tour really showed me new perspectives and also made it clear … Continue reading where our society needs to work. Very exciting for me as an adult but definitely suitable for teenagers too. I can only recommend it to everyone.
  • Avatar Christina M. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Incredibly interesting and exciting tour! Martin tells about his own experiences, so very authentic. He answers every question openly and honestly. Impressive what he and his girlfriend Nadine can do with such a past … Continue reading - Hats off!! Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to find out something about the shelter, drug and punk scene!!
  • Avatar Martin S. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Great insight and very friendly management. The tour was an important preventative contribution and, above all, one that helps to teach tolerance and break down prejudices.
  • Avatar André U. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Matl is a hero! Every self-respecting person and animal has to do this. We have already left a business in the sandbox together and I will continue on the path with Martin beyond the sandbox. Maybe have to … Continue reading they push us, but together my friend.HugsA.
  • Avatar Louis P. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Very informative! Nice guy, answers all questions openly and honestly!
  • Avatar Yuut B. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    An incredibly interesting tour - I've rarely had such an impressive tour through Vienna. Definitely recommended!
  • Avatar b. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Very exciting tour through Vienna. The whole class enjoyed it!
  • Avatar Julia B. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Insanely interesting tour, well structured and highly recommended!
  • Avatar D H. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Martin is a born tour guide! He introduced us to his Wiener Nimmerland with humor, but still with the necessary sharpness. He tells us authentically and doesn't hide anything and always leaves room to form his own opinion. I … Continue reading I wish him and "his" Nadine continued success and a wonderful life! Great and definitely recommended. Take this tour!
  • Avatar Marc R. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    I took this tour with our class and would do it again in a heartbeat. A unique tour.
  • Avatar Robert L. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    I haven't lived in Vienna for 15 years. Grew up and went to school in Meidling in the 70s and 80s - also knew one or two punks. But like everything from my youth, my image was always somewhat glorified. The tour was real … Continue reading good - evocative, entertaining and oppressive at the same time - Martin is really an "entertainer" even if the topic sometimes gets under your skin. Insights into a life unknown to us normal people - touching and entertaining, there is a lot of life experience and now also fun in dealing with other people. Definitely recommended - especially before society becomes more intolerant again.
  • Avatar Lisa M. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    it was really cool! Thanks for the insight into your life, it's super valuable to get the perspective of someone affected, stories and reports are usually very dominated by the perspectives of politics/executive.
  • Avatar Sebastian Eschenbach (. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Thx. Very cool alternative view of Vienna. Nothing to fear at all 😉
  • Avatar Anna F. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    so likeable, so authentic, so humorous, so inspiring – the full package! answers all questions honestly and you have the feeling that he could really talk for hours. There was something in every sentence that I didn't know yet. I can only recommend! … Continue reading
  • Avatar Christian M. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    If you want to get to know life from the perspective of a former homeless person, then there is really no choice. YOU MUST do the tour of Vienna with MARTIN from Wiener Nimmerland - authentic, moving, thought provoking and all that … Continue reading garnished with a lot of warmth. Msn starts as a stranger and leaves the tour with a feeling of friendship.
  • Avatar Wieland M. ★★★★★ Apr 2023
    Very exciting and interesting insights - Martin and Nadine are a great team and made the tour very structured and informative - the 2 hours flew by and I could have just listened for another hour - I … Continue reading I will definitely take part in a tour again. Many thanks again to Nadine and Martin for the insights and see you next time 🙂