The somewhat different city tour

away from the magnificent facades

Experience Vienna from a different side and look behind the hidden corners of Vienna's Neverland (in german: "Wiener Nimmerland").


Martin was homeless and on his tour tells about his past, how he ended up on the streets of Vienna as a drug addicted youth. You get an authentic insight into the Viennese drug scene and the Austrian substitution program.


He talks about squats he was involved in and nice punks who took him in when he first landed on the streets of Vienna.

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Big media uproar
on Martin's first tour with the Supertramps

taking away fears of contact breaking down preconceptions creating tolerance confronting

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About us &
Wiener Nimmerland

Inhaber von Wiener Nimmerland und ehemaliger Tour-Guide bei den Supertramps
The small "team" of Wiener Nimmerland currently consists of only two people: Martin and his girlfriend Nadine.

In recent years, Martin has worked as a "tour guide" for the Supertramps². The many positive responses have confirmed that he not only really likes it, but also does it really well. Whether a whole school class or families with different generations, so far he has almost always managed to get everyone involved and to sensitize them a bit.

The project was then ended by the Supertramps² in November 2021 and the tours were discontinued. Martin just wanted to be able to continue doing what he loves – go on his tours* – eliminate a few prejudices with his stories, inspire people and maybe tell them a few things that they didn't know before.

That's why we founded the Wiener Nimmerland. Martin is responsible for the city tours and Nadine takes care of all the bureaucracy.


²The supertramps were an association in which former homeless people used their experiences and knowledge about homelessness, addiction/alcohol and the difficulties/problems associated with them, on city tours to educate and create tolerance.


the Wiener Nimmerland Tour*

"The 2 hours through Vienna with Martin were extremely interesting but also depressing. With his lively narration you could imagine yourself in his former life. Admirable how he has mastered everything. I would do the tour again immediately, would also recommend it to school classes."
"The tour with Martin was the absolute highlight for my students on their final trip to Vienna. Everyone, without exception, agreed on this statement. I reproduce the following opinions 1:1:

Student: I could have listened to Martin for hours. The walk with him was awesome.

Student: I still think about Martin from time to time. (2 weeks later) It was great... but it also made me think.

Student: The best we did in Vienna. In parting, Martin said that we shouldn't label people if they don't conform to the ideal image or if they are homeless...because we don't know their history. I want to remember that.

Conclusion: The "slightly different tour" through Vienna is something special. A recommendation for everyone."
Martin and his Wiener Nimmerland Tour - a lastingly touching, inspiring and life-changing experience

"I did Martin's tour with my school class (14-year-old students) and I can only say that he and the stories he told about his life really impressed, touched and inspired us.

I was able to get to know Martin as an extremely loving, funny, open person who talks openly and very reflectively about his past and his experiences and thus gives insight into and ideas of a reality of life that had remained closed to me until then. A courageous, self-confident and life-affirming man from whom one can learn a lot and who has become a great inspiration for me.

The tour was very informative and exciting, very moving and thought-provoking, but also very funny and positive - just like real life. 🙂
I can only recommend the tour with Martin to everyone and recommend it unreservedly - whether for teachers with school classes or for private individuals - Martin and his tour will not leave anyone unimpressed!

Thank you Martin for this great afternoon! :-)"

*Martin is not a trained tourist guide. He will not and cannot tell you about sights.

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