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Discover Vienna from a completely new perspective and take a look behind the hidden corners of the Wiener Nimmerland. Join Martin, who used to live on the streets, and let him show you Vienna away from the glamorous facades.

Dive into the life of a drug addict and homeless young man and learn first hand how to survive on the streets of Vienna. Martin himself was confronted with the harsh reality of homelessness at a young age and then quickly got sucked into drug addiction. During the tour he shares his life story and personal experiences and thus provides an authentic insight into the Viennese drug scene and the Austrian substitution program. Martin tells of squats he was involved in and the solidarity of the punks who took him in when he first ended up on the streets.

This tour offers a unique opportunity to see Vienna through the eyes of a formerly affected individual. She reveals the lesser-known aspects of the city and raises awareness among participants that no one is immune from homelessness.

Tour dates

Tours take place with a minimum of 4 participants and in all weather conditions.

groups at least 4 people can book any desired date online.

individuals, or groups of up to 3 people can book online for fixed appointments.

After booking can be problem-free rebooked or canceled become
(for free up to 24 hours before the tour).

If you don't have time for any of the specified fixed dates (and you are not a group of at least 4 people), you are welcome to suggest a suitable date outside of the fixed tours. If possible, we enter this as a fixed date.

It can also be easily booked by email or phone!

If you have any questions or need further information, just call or write a message.

What is Wiener Nimmerland?

The history of Wiener Nimmerland began with the Supertramps, an association that offered themed city walks by former homeless people. In this way, they were able to educate and raise awareness through their experiences and knowledge about homelessness, alcohol addiction and the problems associated with it.

Martin was one of these tour guides and when the project ended in November 2021 and the tours were discontinued, it was clear that Martin wanted to continue this work.

He had found his true dream job and was able to break down prejudices, inspire people and create awareness by sharing his life story and his wrong decisions. The large amount of positive feedback confirmed that he not only likes it, but also does it well.

So that's how the idea for Wiener Nimmerland came about, so that Martin can continue to offer his unique tours. He is supported by Nadine, his girlfriend, who takes care of the bureaucracy and organization behind the scenes. Together they form a well-established team that complements each other perfectly.

Wiener Nimmerland reviews

Martin is is not a trained tourist guide! We offer no conventional tours in which he tells something about the culture and history of Vienna! He shows you no sights and couldn't tell anything about them either!