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First tour* for the Supertramps (with much media furore)

Nobody would have thought that a few stupid life decisions and an associated drug history would count as a reference, least of all myself.


However, these were exactly the criteria that qualified me as a guide for the Supertramps.

the supertramps were an association that started a project in which former homeless people, on city tours, used their experiences and knowledge on the subject of homelessness, addiction/alcohol and the difficulties and problems associated with it to educate and create tolerance.


However, this project ended in November 2021 and I should have given up these city tours completely. I wanted nothing more than to just continue to go on my tours* – to confront my stories, to enlighten them and in between to possibly dissuade one or the other young person from making idiotic decisions.

The time with the Supertramps made it clear to me how much I like doing it.

The many positive feedback and ratings then confirmed that I am apparently really good at it and have already been able to reach and/or inspire many people.

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So if I wanted to be able to continue offering my city tours without the Supertramps, it was clear that I had no choice but to become self-employed. This is a big risk, a step into the unknown and, like any big change that puts everything at risk, very scary. However, my desire to be able to go on these tours* was much greater than the fear of failure.

Besides, who can say that they really enjoy their “work”?! I can do this now!!

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The path to self-employment is not exactly easy, especially if you have no previous knowledge or experience. Luckily my girlfriend Nadine supports me from all sides. She designed our website and took care of most of the bureaucracy and organization. Finally, after a few stumbling blocks, we managed to officially offer my socio-political city tours and make a living with what I love!

Why "Wiener Nimmerland"?!

  1. On the one hand, there is neverland around us, a parallel world that is both close and hidden and would actually be visible to everyone. Many homeless people are often completely ignored and overlooked by those around them. They live apart from society and yet right in the thick of it.

  2. On the other hand, I appreciated this secrecy when I ended up on the streets as a youth who steadfastly refused to grow up. Vienna – a big Neverland, where you can disappear for a while, live undiscovered and nobody really notices. I might have nothing to go & nobody to care for me, but at the same time I had nothing to lose either! I felt like I was at the beginning of a journey - ready to discover and conquer this neverland for myself.


I am not a trained tourist guide! I offer no conventional tours in which I tell you something about the culture and history of Vienna! I show you no sights and couldn't tell you about them either!

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Kulturpass holders can simply join the tour for free!
The fixed dates are: Wed 5:00 p.m. & Sat 10:00 a.m
However, further dates can be added at any time - you can find the current calendar of events here.
To book (with Kulturpass), you can simply contact us Write to, call up or trans contact form write!
  • up to 2 culture pass holders per tour
  • a tour generally only takes place when at least 2 people have booked